How to attend class at Oda?

Step1: Download the Oda Class App.

Step2: Log in and find your course.

Step3: Enter the classroom 10 minutes before the session.

Step4: Get a report after the LIVE online class.

Which board is this course for?

Our courses are suitable for CBSE, ICSE and most Indian State Boards, along with a thorough preparation of all competitive examinations pertaining to regional, national and international levels.

In which language(s) the classes will take place?

All classes will take place in English.

How to contact my Academic Mentor?

You can contact your Academic Mentor via phone or WhatsApp after enrolling in your courses successfully.

How to watch lesson replay?

Click "My Study" tab - Enter Course Detail page through "Course schedule" or "All Courses" - Click "Finished" tab to find the session to watch the replay.

How to opt out and get refund?

Contact us via support@pigeonedu.com